In the late 1950s, Toronto had a sizeable Jewish community, however, did not have a Yeshiva high school so that the parents wishing to give their sons a higher Yeshiva education after elementary school had to send them to other far away cities. Then, as now, Toronto was blessed with lay leaders with Torah vision. So , in early 1959, a meeting was called by the founders of the Yeshiva.

Rabbi Mayerfeld, dean, a professor of Talmud and Jewish Law has distinguished himself as a professor in our graduate programme, for over 35 years. His daily lectures on Talmud, open to the community, have been critically acclaimed as being one of the finest in North America. Rabbi Mayerfeld received ordination in 1971 from Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, N.J.

Rabbi Greenberger, dean, joined our staff in 1991, after completing 10 years of graduate work in Talmudic Research and Jurisprudence. He is also currently a professor of Talmud in our undergraduate program.

Rabbi Hochman has been an instructor with Ner Israel for more than 40 years and is renowned for his in-depth knowledge of Talmud and Jewish Jurisprudence. He also gives special lectures for the alumni and community at large. He is the author of many books dealing with commentary of the Bible and Commentaries. He also is the editor of the school’s weekly publication. Rabbi Hochman received ordination in 1964 from Ner Israel of Baltimore.